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IRA Rollovers

Looking For a Review of Your IRA Account? Considering an IRA Rollover?

If you currently have an IRA account and you are not happy with the performance and/or expenses, we are here to review your IRA statement and provide you with an assessments as to your best options. We find that we can lower your investment risk, increase your investment options and lower your internal management costs. We are an independent firm and by using an independent trust company as our custodian we have access to the complete universe of investment options. We strive you provide you with the right investment for your risk tolerance level at the absolute lowest cost possible. You have nothing to lose by contacting us and asking us to review your current IRA statement.

You can depend on us to make the most appropriate recommendation when it comes to your IRA rollovers options. Generally, you may rollover certain qualified money to an IRA account which either may be managed for you or you may self-direct it. An IRA account can be rolled over into another IRA in order to change the custodian of the assets or the investment manager/adviser or both.  

There are also other qualifying events where you may have the option of initiating an IRA rollover like separation of service from your employer who had an employer sponsored pension or profit sharing plan or more widely known as a 401-K profit sharing plan. The beneficiary of an IRA account may also take advantage of an IRA rollover after careful consideration of available options (depending on the relationship to the deceased). IRAs sound pretty simple to most people because they have been around for quite some time. IRAs are not as simple to understand as they appear. There are many technical features of an IRA account, an IRA rollover account and an inherited IRA account.


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Many Technical Aspects of IRAs

There are too many technical aspects of IRAs to review here in this article. Generally speaking, many people are familiar with and understand the concept of a direct IRA rollover from one custodian to another with no tax consequences. Many people are also aware of the requirements to deposit IRA rollover proceeds into a new IRA account within 60 days to avoid constructive receipt of the money and cause a taxable event. Taxes are an important consideration on regular IRA accounts and rollovers. Taxes are less of an issue with ROTH IRA rollovers but length of time and age may be important as well.

You should consult a financial advisor regarding a direct IRA rollover to ensure that you have considered all relevant options before initiating the transfer of funds. Some elections may be forfeited in certain cases if they are not exercised in a timely fashion and in good order. The election of a beneficiary on any IRA account supersedes any other instrument, including a will. Many times people choose a beneficiary and forget about their choice for 10, 20 or 30 years. People die, divorce, have additional children, adopt, and/or re-marry which necessitates the updating of their beneficiary designations.


What Makes CFIG Your Best Choice?

No Annual or Account Fees on IRA Accounts!
No Account Transfer Fees!
No IRA Account Custody Fees!

Unmatched Account Investment Options:

Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Closed-End Funds
Over 27,000 Mutual Funds (Lowest Cost Share Classes Available)
Real Estate Investments (Publicly Traded REITs and Private Partnerships)
24/7 Online Account Access With Instant Performance Reporting
Official Quarterly Trust Company Statement
Access to a Qualified, Experienced and Credentialed Financial Advisor (Call/Text/Email/Skype/FaceTime/In-Person)


Safest Way to Custody Your Assets!

We use an independent trust company for our custodian. This is the safest way to custody your assets. With any retirement plan or IRA account, a custodian is necessary to actually "hold" your investments. This is required to ensure that the plan or account is following the required rules and regulations for the retirement funds. Having an independent custodian accomplishes two critical goals for our clients. It gives clients the greatest possible options of permissible investments at the lowest possible cost. Using an independent trust company assures clients that there is no conflicts of interest in any investment decision because the trust company is not a broker-dealer and does not have their own investment products, offering or product inventory. Anything we buy for our clients is purchased independently so that clients can be assured that the chosen investment is the best choice for the client at a fair market value. There is no reason to limit your possibilities. Ask us to show you why this should be your most important consideration.


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Should You Always Choose the Lowest Published Cost?

If you have shopped around for competitive or very low fares recently you probably noticed the wide variance in prices to popular destinations. Most people can't understand why one airline would charge you over $1,000 to fly to a particular city but another airline might charge you only $400 to fly you there. Don't all airlines have the same planes, gas expenses, labor costs and all the rest? Sure some airlines are better managed than others; some keep their expenses low. But once you buy the low priced seat don't you get hit with a fee for everything? What is the ultimate price you pay for the seat with all additional fees? Keep this in mind when you see discount brokerage ads touting $6.95 trades.


If you have any questions that are not answered in this section, please feel free to email us directly or call us directly at 203-614-9575.  We're here to answer any questions that you may have to make informed decisions. If we are not able to answer your call, please leave a detailed voicemail and we will get back to you very quickly...most often in minutes but certainly no longer than a few hours!

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